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The collaboration between Kiebot and PEDITOH shows the transformative impact of working together to achieve significant technological progress. Kiebot, a well-known provider of technology solutions (, joined forces with PEDITOH ( to contribute to the creation of an innovative online pet veterinarian consultation platform, aiming to revolutionize the field of pet healthcare. This case study explores the intricacies of this partnership, shedding light on the essential elements that led to its success.


During the challenging times of COVID-19, pet owners faced difficulties in consulting a veterinarian. PeditoH is an innovative online pet veterinarian consultation platform that has transformed the way pet healthcare services are delivered. With the aim of providing timely and expert veterinary care while ensuring convenience for pet owners, PeditoH bridges the gap between pet parents and veterinarians through its seamless online video consultation platform.

Challenges Faced

Stressful Physical Visits

Traditional visits to pet hospitals can be stressful for pets, especially those prone to anxiety during travel.

Limited Access to Timely Medical Advice

Pet owners often face challenges in accessing prompt veterinary advice, leading to delayed diagnosis and treatment for their pets.

Managing Pet Medical Records

Keeping track of a pet’s medical history, including past diagnoses, treatments, and prescriptions, can be cumbersome for pet owners.

Challenges in Obtaining Medications

 Pet parents often face difficulties in obtaining prescribed medications and ensuring their pets receive timely treatments

Key Features and Solutions

Schedule Video Consultations

PeditoH allows pet owners to schedule video consultations with veterinarians, eliminating the stress of physical visits for pets.

Online Veterinarian Consultation

Pet-veterinarians can conduct remote consultations via video calls, ensuring prompt medical advice and timely diagnosis and treatment for pets.

Access Medical History

Users have access to their pets’ complete veterinary consultation history, enabling them to maintain a comprehensive record of their pet’s health within the application.

Prescription Access

PeditoH allows users to access and manage their pet’s prescriptions within the platform, making it easy for pet owners to follow veterinary recommendations.

Order Medications

Pet parents can conveniently order necessary medications through the application, with offline delivery ensuring pets receive required treatments hassle-free.

Specialized Portals

Administrative Portal (Web App)

This portal acts as the command center, enabling administrators to manage user access, system settings, application features, and crucial data management tasks, ensuring the smooth operation of the platform.

Doctor Portal (Mobile App)

Veterinarians can conduct consultations, handle emergencies, monitor appointments, and access detailed patient information, ensuring timely care regardless of their location.

Vendor Portal (Web App)

Vendors (veterinarians) efficiently manage appointments, assign staff roles, access customer information, generate appointment reports, and review patient details, enhancing the efficiency of veterinary services.

Customer Portal (Mobile App)

Pet owners can consult veterinarians remotely, schedule appointments, manage pet details, and access medical history, empowering them with informed decision-making for proactive pet care.


PeditoH has successfully revolutionized pet healthcare by leveraging technology to create a user-friendly, efficient, and convenient platform for both pet owners and veterinarians. Through its innovative features and specialized portals, PeditoH has not only addressed existing challenges in the pet healthcare industry but has also set a new standard for online pet veterinarian consultation platforms, ultimately improving the lives of pets and their owners.

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