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Online billing application meticulously crafted for the jewelry industry


TORCAP is a specialized online billing application customized for jewelry businesses, streamlining the management of gold, diamond, and watch transactions. The name ‘TORC’ is derived from the Latin word for a wrist-encircling piece of metal. This adaptable application serves both to English and Arabic-speaking users, featuring a language-switching option for enhanced usability. It focuses on simplifying the billing process, aiming to present all relevant information on a single, clear page, making it an attractive and efficient solution for jewelry businesses.

Key Features

Retail Sales

The application enables salesmen to create new sales transactions effortlessly. They can add items such as Gold(Metal), Diamonds, Watches, and other products specific to each jewelry store’s database. The application automatically computes important data such as discounts, taxes, net weight, and other measurement quantities. And in some cases, it loads this information directly, especially for barcoded items. Users can save invoices and generate printouts or PDFs.Can add attachments and certificates if any.

Retail Sales Return

The system operates with efficiency in handling returns for items that were previously sold. It meticulously maintains a comprehensive record of all returned items and the corresponding payment transactions. This particular feature plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the security and integrity of every transaction processed by the system. It ensures that the return process is transparent and accurately documented, contributing to a robust and trustworthy record-keeping system for the overall management of transactions.

Advance Payment

Customers have the option to make advance payments, providing a prepayment feature that can be utilized for future purchases. The application diligently records these transactions, guaranteeing a transparent and accurate daily summary. This functionality allows for efficient tracking and management of prepayments, enhancing overall financial transparency and facilitating seamless future transactions for customers.

Old Jewelry Purchase

Customers have the option to exchange their old jewelry for new items. Salesmen can create invoices for these transactions, specifying the items and corresponding rates. The application displays the billing amounts, and a record of these transactions is kept for easy access and reference, similar to the Sales, Return, and Advance payment records.

Effortless Invoice Access

For all Sales, Returns, Advances, and Old jewelry transactions, the listing page offers a complete overview of invoices. Users can easily sort invoices by salesperson, date, invoice number, customer name, mobile number, or ID. Additionally, this listing page allows for instant access to PDF copies or direct printing of invoices,enhancing document access.

Daily Gold Rate Updates

Users have the convenience of real-time access to daily gold rates, presented in a scrolling format within the application. Additionally, the system provides flexibility by allowing users to update the daily gold rates as required, ensuring the most current and accurate information is readily available.

Comprehensive Reporting

The application aggregates daily Sales, Sales returns, Advance payments, and Old jewelry transactions, generating comprehensive reports categorized by date for convenient reference and analysis, offering both a summarized daily overview and corresponding detailed summaries.

Customized Invoice Formats

TORCAP is a versatile application that serves individual jewelry businesses by allowing customized invoice or bill formats for each, ensuring the flexibility to personalize records to the specific needs of each client or business.

Bilingual Language Support

TORCAP’s multilingual capabilities in both English and Arabic not only enhance the application’s accessibility but also extend its popularity and utility to a broader range of countries, accommodating diverse language preferences and expanding its user base.

Payment Flexibility

The application offers versatile payment modes, including Cash/Card, Visa, MADA, Master and other customizable options, for all types of transactions, whether it’s a Sale, Return, Advance payment, or Old jewelry purchase. This flexibility ensures a user-friendly experience for both businesses and their customers, addressing a range of payment choices.



Multilingual support and customization options enhance the user experience.


Streamlined invoicing and handling of sales returns save time and effort.


TORCAP’s features and user-friendly design have the potential to increase its popularity in the jewelry retail industry.

Professional Image

Custom formats and PDF invoices contribute to a professional appearance.

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