Kiebot Learning Solutions

Women-Empowering Policies

We prioritizes a women-friendly workplace, setting itself apart in a business landscape where such policies are often lacking. Our commitment goes beyond rules, fostering an empowering culture for all team members

SHE club

A journey of empowerment with our SHE Club ,where women unite for companionship and personal growth. Engaging activities strengthen connections and contribute to a positive work-life balance, fostering a culture of empowerment for our team.

Remote work option

Empowering women with the flexibility to work remotely, our company provides a supportive environment that acknowledges and accommodates the diverse needs of our female team members. Embracing remote work options, we enable women to balance their professional and personal lives effectively.


We prioritize a secure and respectful workplace through our Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) policy. Committed to cultivating an environment free from any form of harassment, we actively promote dignity, equality, and professionalism, with a special focus on ensuring a safe and empowering atmosphere for women.

Fly Again

The Fly Again, an initiative by Kiebot, is dedicated to supporting women with career gaps. We prioritize and empower women by providing them with opportunities to re-enter the workforce, fostering professional growth and success.
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