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Our team excels in Node.js, NestJS, React, Next.js, Python, Java, Laravel, Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, and more. Seamlessly integrate our experts into your projects for exceptional results.









Containerizing applications with Docker and Kubernetes

Jahfar C

(Co-founder & COO)

Sujith PS

(Co-founder & CTO)

Our Services

At Kiebot, we're dedicated to delivering excellence in a wide range of services to meet your unique needs. Explore our comprehensive offerings and discover Kiebot's approach, which sets us apart in the context of each service :

Dedicated Development Team

Leverage our versatile 360 Engineers—both developers and QA specialists—to build a dedicated team tailored to your project. Our team offers expertise in various technologies, ensuring top-quality solutions.

Custom Software Development

Our experienced team excels in creating custom software solutions that align with your vision and business goals. We follow industry best practices, ensuring efficient, high-quality results.

Product Development

Let us turn your idea into reality with our product development expertise. We guide you through every stage, from concept to launch, ensuring a successful product.

Mobile Apps

Create exceptional mobile apps with Kiebot. We’re proficient in developing Android, iOS, React Native, and Flutter applications, offering an engaging user experience.

Web Development

Achieve a strong online presence with our web development services. We use technologies like React and Next.js to build responsive, dynamic websites.

Product MVP

Launch your minimum viable product (MVP) with Kiebot’s support. We’ll help you test your concept and get to market quickly.

Seeking a Technical Partner ?

Opt for our flexible dedicated team model, and discover how Kiebot 360 Engineers consistently exceed expectations.

Who are Kiebot 360 Engineers ?

Have a Project in Mind?

It's natural to be concerned about three key metrics: Quality, Timeliness, and Cost. Discover how Kiebot expertly addresses these factors and consistently delivers exceptional results.


*Sorry, we cannot compromise on the quality of the project. Quality is our non-negotiable standard.



We cannot compromise on the quality of the project. Quality is our non-negotiable standard.

Why Kiebot ?

Flexible, Transparent Dedicated Teams

Kiebot’s dedicated teams are flexible, on-demand, and scalable. Clients can effortlessly adjust team size as needed. Transparent communication is our commitment to ensure clients have visibility into their projects.

360 Engineers

Kiebot offers the unique choice of “360 Engineers,” encompassing both developers and QA specialists. Clients can opt for “360 Developers” or “360 QA Engineers,” tailoring their teams to their project requirements.

Expertise in Agile and Cutting-Edge Tech

We excel in Agile methodologies, the latest tech stacks, and industry best practices, ensuring top-quality solutions.

Speed and Cost Efficiency

Kiebot delivers fast, cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, giving you a competitive edge.

Exceptional Leadership

With three founders boasting extensive IT backgrounds, our expert leadership team ensures project success.

Proven Track Record

Our history is filled with successful projects, comprehensive support, and reliable maintenance after delivery.

Clients Testimonials



"Kiebot has been a valuable dev partner in Workomo’s product development journey since the very beginning. As an extension of the founding engineering team, they have helped us fill key gaps both in terms of expertise and bandwidth. A truly entrepreneurial team that is willing to go the extra yard to get the job done."

Soumitra Workomo

"Kiebot has been our long time partner in developing mobile and web based applications for small farmers, governments, manufacturing units and food processing units. Kiebot has a very professional team with great organisation and project management skills. The team plans ahead for the entire project and gives a clear picture to the business team of the costs and timelines. As a team interfacing with the clients, we were not required to have any technical expertise as Kiebot gives all the technical inputs and recommendations to us to keep offering the latest, lightest and fastest technology in the industry."

Hari aHope

"A fantastic organisation! professional staff members. Great and prompt customer support from beginning to end of the process. I would recommend them unreservedly.”

Shani Bunnyzon

Clients Testimonials

Dive into the feedback from our happy clients, sharing their experiences with our exceptional services.


At Kiebot, we are well-versed in a diverse range of technologies, allowing us to tailor solutions to your specific needs. Here’s a glimpse of some of the key technologies we excel in :

Our Trusted Clients

Kiebot works with quality clients who share the same synergy in terms of values and culture. Here are our trusted partners

Case Studies

Explore Our Success Stories: Real-World Solutions, Exceptional Results. Discover how Kiebot transformed challenges into triumphs for our clients with a showcase of our finest work.

Zag Network

The partnership between Kiebot and ZAG Network stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in achieving remarkable technological advancements.


Kiebot initiated a strategic approach for successful product deployment. Our developers thoroughly understood the product, design flows, and delivered the end product.

Kiebot and PEDITOH collaborated on an online pet veterinarian platform, revolutionizing pet healthcare.This case study highlight the key factors behind its success.


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NestJS Authentication Deep Dive

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Node.js Development to the Next Level

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Mastering Agile Testing

Mastering Agile Testing

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Meet the Kiebot family! Our team is more than just a group of professionals; we're a close-knit community driven by innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. We value expertise, mentorship, and a commitment to excellence.

Why Join Us?

Diverse and Inclusive Environment

Kiebot fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace where different perspectives are valued, and everyone has a chance to thrive and contribute.

Continuous Learning

We believe in staying on the cutting edge, so you'll have ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. Be a better version of yourself through continuous learning, tech talks & expert mentoring.

Work-Life Balance

We know that life outside work is important. Our team enjoys fun activities, celebrations, and team-building trips.

Flexible Working

Our team enjoys the freedom to work from the office, remotely, or adopt a hybrid approach, with the flexibility to set their own working hours within reasonable bounds. At Kiebot, we understand that work-life balance is important, and we empower our team to choose when and where they are most productive.

We Don’t Care About Your Career Gaps

We value your potential and abilities, not your educational qualifications or career gaps. We prioritize what you can bring to our team based on your skills, dedication, and unique perspectives.

Attractive Benefits and Perks

Beyond competitive salaries, PF, insurance, and standard benefits, we provide exciting additional perks, including complimentary stays, performance bonuses, referral rewards, engaging fun events, and memorable company trips. At Kiebot, we ensure that your work is not only rewarding but also filled with enjoyable moments.

Ready to explore life at Kiebot? Click here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kiebot offers a range of services, including custom software development, dedicated team staffing, agile project management, and quality assurance.

Kiebot excels in a variety of technologies, including Node.js, NestJS, React, Next.js, Python, Java, Laravel, Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and more.

We follow agile methodologies and best practices, perform rigorous testing, and provide expert supervision to guarantee high-quality code and feature delivery.

Yes, we offer flexible, dedicated teams with versatile 360 Engineers, including developers and QA specialists. You can customize your team to meet your project’s specific needs.

Kiebot’s work culture emphasizes expert mentoring, continuous learning, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. We offer attractive benefits, work-life balance, and a supportive community.

You can reach out to us via email at [email protected] or call at +91-8075495629

Do you have a project in mind?

Send us your requirements to [email protected] or call +91-8075495629
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