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PeditoH - Online Pet Veterinarian Consultation Platform

PeditoH revolutionizes pet healthcare by offering a seamless online video consultation platform. It caters to both the pet veterinarian community and pet parents, addressing the challenges associated with bringing certain pets to hospitals. Through innovative features and specialized portals, PeditoH ensures pets receive timely and expert veterinary care while providing convenience to pet owners.

Key Features

Schedule Video Consultations

PeditoH allows pet owners to schedule video consultations with veterinarians. This feature ensures pets receive medical attention without the stress of physical visits, especially beneficial for pets that get anxious or stressed during travel.

Online Veterinarian Consultation

Pet-veterinarians can conduct consultations remotely via video calls. This virtual interaction ensures prompt medical advice, enabling timely diagnosis and treatment for pets, enhancing their overall well-being.

Access Medical History

Users have access to their pets’ complete veterinary consultation history within the application. This feature enables pet owners to maintain a comprehensive record of their pet’s health, including past diagnoses, treatments, and prescriptions.

Prescription Access

PeditoH allows users to access and manage their pet’s prescriptions within the platform. Pet owners can easily refer to prescribed medications and follow veterinary recommendations for their pets’ health.

Order Medications

Pet parents can conveniently order necessary medications through the application. The platform facilitates the offline delivery of these medications, ensuring pets receive the required treatments without any hassle.

Target Audience

Pet Parents

Individuals and families with pets seeking convenient and expert veterinary consultations.

Pet Veterinarians

Veterinary professionals looking to expand their services and reach a broader clientele base.


Administrative Portal (Web App)

The administrative portal serves as the command center of PeditoH. Administrators have complete control over the system, managing user access, overseeing system settings, configuring application features, and handling crucial data management tasks. This portal ensures the smooth operation and integrity of the entire platform.

Visit Administrative Portal (Web App)

Vendor Portal (Web App)

The vendor portal streamlines communication between veterinarians and clients. Vendors, or pet doctors, can efficiently manage their appointments, assign user roles to staff, access detailed customer (pet owner) information, generate appointment reports for analysis, and review patient (pet) details. This portal enhances the efficiency of veterinary services and client management.

Visit Vendor Portal (Web App)

Doctor Portal (Mobile App)

The doctor portal, accessible via a mobile application, empowers veterinarians with flexibility. Doctors can conduct consultations while traveling, handle emergency situations promptly, monitor upcoming appointments, and access detailed information about scheduled consultations. This mobile app ensures that veterinarians can provide timely care regardless of their location.

Visit Doctor Portal (Mobile App)

Customer Portal (Mobile App)

The customer portal, available as a mobile application for pet owners, offers a user-friendly interface. Pet parents can consult with veterinarians remotely, schedule or reschedule appointments at their convenience, manage their pets’ details, and access their entire medical history. This application puts pet healthcare in the hands of the owners, promoting informed decision-making and proactive pet care.

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