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The partnership between Kiebot and ZAG Network stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in achieving remarkable technological advancements. Kiebot, a renowned technology solutions provider (, teamed up with ZAG Network to assist in the development of their cutting-edge technology stack and the construction of the ZAG platform ( (please sign up a user account)). This case study delves into the details of this collaboration, highlighting the key factors that contributed to its success.


ZAG Network, led by founder Steve, had a clear vision of building an innovative platform. Recognizing the potential synergy between their strengths, ZAG Network and Kiebot embarked on a partnership to leverage each other's capabilities.

Partnership Goals

Technology Excellence

ZAG Network aimed to develop a technology stack that would surpass industry standards, ensuring a seamless user experience and robust performance.

Cost Efficiency

Kiebot offered a cost-effective solution by providing pre-vetted technology talent that matched or exceeded the skills available in other technology hubs like Singapore or Eastern Europe.

Effective Project Management

The partnership aimed to harness the expertise of a skilled Tech Lead to manage an Indian team of developers, enabling efficient communication and project execution.


Talent Selection

Kiebot carefully handpicked a team of highly skilled and motivated developers, ensuring they possessed the necessary technical prowess to meet ZAG Network’s requirements.

Cultural Compatibility

The Tech Lead bridged the cultural and linguistic gap between the Indian developers and ZAG Network’s vision. This played a crucial role in conveying instructions accurately and ensuring seamless collaboration.

Tech Lead Acquisition

A pivotal step in the partnership’s success was the recruitment of a competent Tech Lead who not only had the technical know-how but also the leadership skills to manage the Indian team effectively.

Continuous Communication

The partnership emphasized consistent and open communication. Weekly scrum meetings and daily standups, deployment updates and progress reports were shared, enabling quick decision-making and adjustments as needed.


The collaboration between Kiebot and ZAG Network yielded exceptional outcomes that surpassed expectations

Unsurpassed Quality

The developed technology stack and ZAG platform exhibited top-notch quality, exceeding industry standards. The attention to detail and expertise brought by Kiebot’ talent pool were evident in the final product.

Cost Efficiency

By utilizing Kiebot’ pre-vetted talent, ZAG Network achieved considerable cost savings without compromising on quality. This cost-effective approach allowed resources to be allocated strategically to other aspects of platform growth.

Vision Realization

The clear articulation of ZAG Network’s vision by founder Steve and its precise translation by the Tech Lead to the Indian team resulted in the realization of a platform that aligned perfectly with ZAG Network’s goals.

Timely Delivery

The effective project management and strong communication ensured that the project was delivered on time, meeting crucial milestones as per the original timeline.


The partnership between Kiebot and ZAG Network stands as a model of successful collaboration in the technology sector. By leveraging each other's strengths and synergizing efforts, the partnership delivered an exceptional technology stack and platform that aligned seamlessly with ZAG Network's vision. The combination of technical excellence, cost efficiency, and effective project management highlights the value of such collaborations in achieving ambitious goals. Ultimately, this partnership showcases how a well-managed team, clear vision, and collaborative spirit can lead to a truly winning outcome.

About ZAG Network

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