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Online billing application meticulously crafted for the jewelry industry

TORCAP is a specialized online billing application customized for jewelry businesses, streamlining the management of gold, diamond, and watch transactions. The name ‘TORC’ is derived from the Latin word for a wrist-encircling piece of metal. This adaptable application serves both to English and Arabic-speaking users, featuring a language-switching option for enhanced usability. It focuses on simplifying the billing process, aiming to present all relevant information on a single, clear page, making it an attractive and efficient solution for jewelry businesses.

Key Features and Solutions

Schedule Video Consultations

PeditoH allows pet owners to schedule video consultations with veterinarians, eliminating the stress of physical visits for pets.

Online Veterinarian Consultation

Pet-veterinarians can conduct remote consultations via video calls, ensuring prompt medical advice and timely diagnosis and treatment for pets.

Access Medical History

Users have access to their pets’ complete veterinary consultation history, enabling them to maintain a comprehensive record of their pet’s health within the application.

Prescription Access

PeditoH allows users to access and manage their pet’s prescriptions within the platform, making it easy for pet owners to follow veterinary recommendations.

Order Medications

Pet parents can conveniently order necessary medications through the application, with offline delivery ensuring pets receive required treatments hassle-free.



Multilingual support and customization options enhance the user experience.


Streamlined invoicing and handling of sales returns save time and effort.


TORCAP’s features and user-friendly design have the potential to increase its popularity in the jewelry retail industry.

Professional Image

Custom formats and PDF invoices contribute to a professional appearance.

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